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Sydney Ball Book Set

Sydney Ball Book Set

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Set of 3 books in a hardcover grey linen slipcase

1. Sydney Ball: The colour paintings 1963-2007

84 pages, hardcover, ISBN: 978 1 8751434 7 4

Authors: Anne Loxley & Wendy Walker

2. Sydney Ball: Modular and Infinex 1967 to now

116 pages, hardcover, ISBN: 978 0 9874336 2 6

Authors: Terence Maloon & Penelope Seidler

3. Sydney Ball: The Stain Paintings 1971-80

108 pages, hardcover, ISBN 978 0 9874336 1 9

Authors: Patrick McCaughey & Wendy Walker


"Sydney Ball arrived on the Australian art scene with a bang in the mid 1960s with his series Canto. The works were bold and memorable and took Australian painting in a new direction. Here was a painter who thought in colour and saw it as the subject of his art, not just an agent of form. The range of his colour spoke to his originality, from high keyed sunbursts of light to a melodious set of lower tones. The format of circle and square framed in bars of colour was firm and effective.

Had he wanted to, he could have had a lifetime painting the Cantos, becoming an antipodean Josef Albers. But his character as an artist would not permit that. To keep himself moving forward in his exploration of colour, he had to vary the formats. We had the architectural and decorative richness of the Persian series, followed by the Modular paintings where colour became substance in solid blocks and panels - the constructivism of colour." extract from Patrick McCaughey foreword.


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